Weed brushes

In towns and cities, weeds are no longer removed with environmentally unfriendly herbicides, but rather with brushes on weed-removing machines. Flanders Brush Makers specialise in manufacturing these patented(!) brushes. They are also easily adapted for the many different types of machine on which they are used.

Why use weed brushes?

  • Less labour intensive

    It is forbidden to use herbicides on weeds. Alternatives include burning or steam, but these are labour intensive. With Flanders Brush Makers weed brushes, you quickly achieve a clean-looking street, and even if the roots of the weeds aren’t dead, using weed brushes several times is still less time consuming and labour intensive than burning or steam.

  • Environmental solution

    The brushes have been specifically designed to avoid bouncing, meaning that a single brush can be used to brush surfaces for a long time.

Our weed brushes

Why Flanders Brush Makers?

We are convinced as a family business that the success of Flanders Brush Makers is largely due to the values that we have cherished for more than 75 years. More than ever before, we see it as our duty to continue to watch over these values so that future generations can continue to produce brushes in Belgium in a socially responsible, economical and ecological way.

  • Sustainability & FSC® certification
  • Private label
  • Quality & durability
  • 100% Belgian
  • Clever & trendy designs