In the home

Flanders Brush Makers’ range largely consists of brushes for domestic use. Flanders Brush Makers produces three brands:


Making cleaning easier, is what Flanders Brush Makers wants to achieve with the Plubo brand. Plubo products demonstrate that we are committed to young and attractive design. The range consists of innovative products and solutions offering real added value for the consumer. Efficient cleaning utensils made from sustainable materials. The brand proudly carries the ‘Handmade in Belgium’ label.

Eperon d’Or

With the Eperon d’Or range, Flanders Brush Makers returns to what it’s really all about: solid craftsmanship. The products are made with quality materials and with an eye for detail.

Izegem is the city of brushes and shoes. The Eperon d’Or museum houses the rich history of Izegem with reverence, and is an immediate source of inspiration for Flanders Brush Makers to develop, as an Izegem company and one of the standard-bearers of the brush industry, a product range bearing the museum’s name.

Christophe Hochepied: “Why not establish a brand as an Izegem business that bridges today’s expertise and the traditional craftsmanship of yesteryear? And what name is better than ‘Eperon d’Or’?


Gutter-Brush is a thoroughly Belgian product made out of European galvanised steel wire and UV stable black polypropylene fibre. These brushes from Flanders Brush Makers are a clever and ecological solution towards purer rainwater.